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This blog is dedicated to Cory Monteith who has been such a wonderful part of my life for the past 4 years. He will forever be missed. RIP Cory. I love you and I miss you.
This blog is dedicated to Lea Michele and the wonderful, powerful, special and beautiful woman that she is and all the lives they've changed.
I will forever dedicate this blog to Lea, Cory, Finchel and Monchele.
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I do find the idea of jumping them enough into the future that they could come back to McKinely as actual adults -say close to the age of the actors now. Could be interesting and a way to really tie in the end of something special. I don’t know how that would work, how would everyone realistically come back? Would Rachel give up Broadway to be a teacher in McKinley? (apparently that’s already a part of Ryan’s plan and the final scene with Mr Schue and Rachel could very likely be him ‘passing the torch’ onto Rachel, "Good, guys. It’s a nine. We need a ten" - Rachel says to the new crop of Glee club students all standing upon the stage she herself once stood upon.)

Is that a reality we see for Rachel? Everything she accomplishes she gives up for Lima? Seems a bit far-fetched, especially for Rachel. Or is her final act of ‘growing up’ realizing that your dreams aren’t always your dreams?

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We understand why Lea Michele released the version of Cannonball that she did. The song is an anthem, one that helped her deal with the loss of her boyfriend Cory Monteith. It’s all about picking yourself up and finding the strength to keep going and at the time it worked better as a power ballad with an intense bass and drum line backing Michele’s powerful vocals. However, the acoustic studio version of the song that she released on her YouTube channel today shows what could have been and we kind of wish it was what had been to begin with.

“Cannonball” was a great song, but it didn’t really sink in how great it was. It has a lot of raw emotion in it that Michele only brings to the acoustic. In the original song, it’s more about the beat and the music than the actual message. “Cannonball” is surprisingly versatile. It works on the level of being a musical motto to start your day with and it works on the level of being an emotional plea to yourself to find the courage and strength no matter how rough things might get.

The entire acoustic video is done in black and white and features Michele simply singing the song with others, smiling and laughing at points, and the whole effect is just so powerful.It says, “I’m a survivor. I’ve done what I do best: survive.” It says that she’s found, if not happiness, then at least a center of peace. It says so much more than her original music video, which mostly featured a heavily glammed up Michele alternating between angst and sexiness.

If you didn’t connect with the song when it originally premiered, this is the version of it to listen to. This is the version that really makes you feel just a small piece of the heartbreak that Michele was going through when she recorded it. This is the version to hope is included as a bonus track on the album.

You & I keep the character Rachel & Lea separate, but other fans do not separate the two. I hope they handle this at the end in a beautiful way that logically helps the younger fans to accept Rachel, & hence Lea's, reality & help them see that "moving forward" in life is acceptable & respectful, while holding Cory's/Finn's honor throughout. Unfortunately, there is an innate connection that, altho most of us are beyond, some are not. Love at this stage of Glee needs to have deep meaning.
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I think what you outline, “I hope they handle this at the end in a beautiful way that logically helps the younger fans to accept Rachel, & hence Lea’s, reality & help them see that “moving forward” in life is acceptable & respectful, while holding Cory’s/Finn’s honor throughout.”

Is literally all I want for Rachel and for Finn - respect and understanding all the way through. Stop throwing Lea under the bus and stop ignoring Finn in her life, even though he’s not here any more. The reason the confusion of Lea/Rachel is so present is because Ryan keeps making it a present issue. And it is one understandably, everyone wants it to be handled with care not just for Rachel but also out of respect for Lea and Cory’s relationship - but Ryan needs to stop using Lea! She’s his scapegoat. Anything that goes wrong now or doesn’t follow through with what he’s outlined in his interview, will then be directed back towards Lea who has never ever made any public comment about the writers giving her any special treatment in her story line.

He has an opportunity here to show the struggles with a young person having lost someone they love. If he has the audacity to say that they are consulting Lea about Rachel’s future romances, then he should also be able to address the tough part that comes with grieving someone, even months after they’re gone. He’s being deliberate in his choices of what he wants to show and its not too show Finn and that’s just wrong.

But I’m done now. No more - I can’t keep beating Ryan-the-dead-bush - there’s nothing to take away from this. If Ryan can actually get through ONE season of not changing his mind, of an article not coming out some time in July and then again in Decemeber where he discusses how things have changed and they’re taking the show in another direction - I will be surprised and I will be shocked, but I know better. This is all fluff right now. If he holds any of this to fact that’s the day the world ends.

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Now I feel a little bit more back together and I have this blank canvas in front of me, which is what my life can be. There’s something sad about that but also something good, because I will take that blank canvas and make something beautiful out of it.

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Asker melcastillo Asks:
And now everyone on twitter is "I'm so glad Ryan's letting lea choose if/when rachel gets a love interests" wow, he's really going to put it on lea to make others believe this is actually true.
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Lea has no control over her story line. The only time they ask her anything has been how to deal with Cory being gone and how she wanted to play it, for herself, on screen. They let her choose Rachel’s song in The Quarterback but that’s it.

Ryan proved that when he explains how the Sam/Rachel attempt failed. If they had really consulted Lea, like he says they do, do we really believe she would’ve been fine to go along with it to then have it abandoned the next episode? And if she was okay with it why have they now publicly said they are abandoning a Rachel-romance this season but may possibly revisit next season?

Lea has no say in the story line. They write, people react, then they make a decision ‘involving’ the actor. People are naive to believe anything Ryan says. Its also interesting that both Ian and Brad were asked these same questions and none of them turned around and put it on Lea and made it seem like ti was her choice, only Ryan does that and he has been since the beginning of this season.

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I was very against samchel happening because it was too soon. But I'm not against Rachel having a love interest in the last part of the season 6. It doesn't even have to be epic, just a partner that we know is there. Especially since it sounds like the S6 time jump will be more than a few months. I mean you realize that Lea will eventually also date. It really isn't healthy to portray a character as a nun for the rest of her life because fans will be uncomfortable.
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I think what people need to do and what Ryan is failing to do, is separating Lea from Rachel. Its basically impossible but my reverence about Rachel dating has nothing to do with Lea. Yes they are in a similar situation but Rachel is a character and putting my feelings towards a character is not the same as putting them towards an actual person, which I would never do. I know Lea will date again, she’ll even marry and have kids - that’s great, that’s not an issue and never has been one. Lea is a real life person who is just playing a character. As much as Lea puts into Rachel, as a fan I would never turn around and place my emotions about this situation onto Lea, that’s just not fair. A character is different and is telling a different story.

I can speculate and be uncomfortable for a character because she isn’t a real life person - I can’t or I won’t do that for Lea. Rachel exists in a made up world where the writers like to give fans control over the story line. They hear us and they react that’s not something that happens in real life to real people. There is a difference there.

And again lets put it on Lea.
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she’s his scape goat

We talk about this in the writers’ room all the time. That’s a really hard, very painful, very difficult thing for the show. I’ve said it before, and it was even in Cory’s eulogy, but that was the ending of the show for me, these two star-crossed lovers having a happy ending and both getting their dreams. So the fact that that can’t be is a big pain in all of our hearts. We have to pause and think, “What are we going to do with Rachel?” This year what we decided to do was to remove the equation of anybody coming in and taking Finn’s place, because I don’t really think that’s possible. And I think that worked out quite well. I really liked dwelling on Rachel’s career again. She’s going to be a star. But as for the future, it’s a lot of discussion, and it’s something that we’ll consult with Lea about. To be quite honest, we just haven’t been able to crack it, because I feel like it’s such a sensitive topic and the fans have such an idea about it. I think half of them feel like, yes, Rachel should go on, and I think half of them probably feel like no, she shouldn’t. We’ll follow Lea’s lead, as we have so many times this year. She’s always been so great and so sensitive and been so wise about how to handle that stuff. So we have to make that decision in the next couple of weeks or months: Is Rachel going to have another romance or does the second half [of Rachel’s life], romantically, happen when Glee is over? That’s something we’re debating. It’s hard.

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If Ryan can follow his own rules for once this story line with Rachel and for Lea wouldn’t be so painful. I hate so much that he once again is putting Rachel’s future on Lea. I understand consulting her for her general opinion but Ryan tends to make it sound like its set in stone that whatever Lea decides is what they’ll do. That’s just not true. Ryan cares first and foremost about telling a story people will react too. That’s what this is all about. How will people react? And he got his first reaction when they attempted something between Sam and Rachel. If Ryan wants to put all of that on Lea, saying they are looking to her for guidness on this issue - allow them. Bu the fact that it back fired so hard and so fast proves out right that they do not consult Lea, they act first then react and that’s why they fail…every single time.

Every time Ryan back paddles it proves again that he’s all about the reaction. It once again failed him to have Sam as the Finn ‘replacement’ - he tried so hard with it during the Sectional’s episode and no one bought it. His abandonment of story line is nothing ever new for him and I don’t doubt this will all change again.

But if he can keep the promise of having Rachel’s love life be something that happens ‘when Glee is over’, I as a faltering fan, would be very happy and okay with that.

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Lea Michele - Cannonball (In The Studio) [Tumblr Embed]

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I love this song so much, it’s just been such a great rock for me. It gives me strength, it gives me joy and I really hope that you guys love it. So this is “Cannonball” by me, Lea Michele. Hope you guys liked it, I love it so I hope you do too.

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Lea Michele,

Lea Michele | Cannonball Acoustic Version

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